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Our Virtual Live Receptionist handles your calls & requests  

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  

Never miss an important call again!  

No Per Minute Charges!    

With our Professional Receptionist, this service is also referred to as: Virtual Receptionist, Offsite Receptionist, Remote Receptionist, and also known as our Live Receptionist service, you'll never miss an important call again, and your customers will never know your receptionist is not at your office.  It is seamless. And it's affordable.  No more busy signals or impersonal voicemails. Also with your Virtual live Receptionist you are billed by the call NOT the minute. 

Most small businesses are not prepared for when your receptionist calls in sick.  Or goes on vacation. Or, for that matter, goes to lunch. Who answers your calls during these critical times? 

You Get Only One Chance To Make a Good First Impression!

Your clients will think we are sitting in your office 

Introducing Front Office Staff Small Business communication service.  From virtual live receptionist service to complete appointment setting and dispatch services we can handle ALL of your communications needs.  Expecting an important call?  When we take the call we can immediately notify you no matter where you are via a text message on your phone or PDA.  Ever have the need for an emergency conference call with several participants?  We can set-up an 800# conference call for you.  If it involves phone service, we can handle it quickly, efficiently and at a cost you’ll find reasonable. 


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“May I just take the opportunity to tell you how happy I am with your services. Several have asked who is our new helper “out front”. So you have achieved your goal of making the customer feel you are in our office.Thank you!”

- Insurance Agent


Front Office Staff Offsite Receptionist - Live Receptionist Services

  • Never miss that important call you are waiting for

  • No more interruptions when meeting with a special client or working on a job site

  • Peace of mind knowing your callers are taken care of properly

  • Find more time in your day to make sales - leave time consume ring administrative calls to us

  • More affordable for small businesses than hiring an employee

  • We act as your receptionist; Your callers think we are sitting in your office.

  • No Per Minute Charges

  • Customizable plans  

No Long Term Contracts!

  • No more telephone distractions! Get your messages when you want, and focus on the task at hand  

  • 75% of first time business callers who reach voice mail will hang up and call your competition

  • No more lost calls from customers frustrated with voice mail  

  • We route your calls to whomever should be taking the call

Additional Included Services

  • Receive Multiple Simultaneous Calls  

  • Live Call Transferring  

  • Supervised Call Screening and Forwarding  

  • Call Routing  

  • Customized Greetings  

  • Conference Call Hosting  

  • Voice Mail Boxes with E-Mail Paging/Notifications  

  • On Hold Music  

  • Auto Attendant: After hours or 24/7  

 “Thanks to Front Office Staff I can be anywhere to receive messages and take care of business. They answer my calls in a professional manner and send messages to my PC. I don’t get pestered with phone calls while working on files that need my undivided attention. They do all this at a fraction of the cost for a full time person to sit in my office.”

- Attorney

What happens when your receptionist calls in sick?

Simplify your life and buy yourself some freedom.  

Call FRONT OFFICE STAFF for details. 800-836-7189  

Let our trained professionals handle all of your customer calls.  We’ll keep you on the go via cell phone, text messages or emails. We spend our time on the phone so you can spend your time serving customers.  


Visit our Services Page for a complete description of the services that we are offering.

We have put together this site with an easy to use interface and will continue to improve your online experience, if you have any feedback you would like to give us on the site or have any questions whatsoever feel free to email us


Get Started Now with your Front Office Staff Virtual Live Receptionist


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